Abuse Is No Excuse

Warning: This piece contains discussions covering rape and abuse that may be difficult for some people to read

A young teen girl lies face down on a bed with her face half-turned to the camera. Her head is cradled in her crossed arms
Girl Lying On Bed by _Mxsh_
A woman with black eye makeup that’s run holding a sheet of paper against her lower face. There’s a crude smile drawn on it
by Sydney Sims
A teenage girl holding herself She has black handmarks on her shoulders and around her neck She looks scared and without hope
‘All I could do was whisper. “I’m fine”’ by Sydney Sims
An teenage woman standing in profile to the camera looking down with eyes closed and her hands clasped over her mouth
by Vince Fleming
An teenage woman with her hand pointing palm up straight at the camera so it obscures her face
by Philipp Wüthrich



Writer, dreamer, 24/7 inclusive feminist, occasional politician

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