Binary Trans People Have A Real Problem Including Non-Binary People — It’s Long Since Past Time That We Addressed This

  • Twitter posts and threads were not included
  • Number of articles published greater than 20
  • The articles could be found using a search engine
  • The articles written were specifically on trans and non-binary matters
  • The articles could be read without the need for payment, even if only a limited number of articles can be read
  • The articles aren’t locked behind a Members Only site, or area of a site
  • That the articles weren’t specific to binary trans people, e.g, trans women rather than trans women and trans femmes, etc
  • That the articles didn’t simply contain the word ‘trans’ where the word occurs only in the context of a name, e.g. “Trans Pride”, or as part of a framework term, e.g. ‘anti-trans’
  • An article was only counted once using the criteria that it was either inclusive of non-binary people or wasn’t
  • In one case there were 17% of articles published that were inclusive of non-binary people, 83% that omitted us.
  • In another only 22.5% of published articles were inclusive of non-binary people, 77.5% that were not.
  • In another case only 10% of articles were inclusive of non-binary people, 90% omitted us.



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Jaz Sakura-Rose

Jaz Sakura-Rose


Writer, dreamer, 24/7 inclusive feminist, occasional politician