Stories & Princesses — A look at how successful stories survive and change through time

A watercolour picture of Guinevere by Henry Justice Ford
Guinevere, by Henry Justice Ford
Rapunzel sat in her tower, with long blonde hair, and a bird in a cage
Omslagsbild av bilderboken Rapunzel av bröderna Grimm, by Katalin Szegedi —, CC BY-SA 3.0
La Belle au bois dormant, 1821, by Marie Antoinette Victoire Petit-Jean (France, 1795–1831)
Rudaba and Zal Rudaba on the roof of her palace with two maids, lets one of her ringlets down to Zal
Provided by the British Library from its digital collections. Catalogue entry: IOSM IO Isl 1256
one of the twelve signs of the oriental zodiac, called the ox “Altair”
Jūnishi nochi ushi “kengyūsei” by 山本芳翠(1850-1906)
L’enlèvement de Proserpine, by Simone Pignoni
The “Burney Relief,” which is believed to represent either Ishtar or her older sister Ereshkigal , photo by BabelStone CC0



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Jaz Sakura-Rose

Jaz Sakura-Rose


Writer, dreamer, 24/7 inclusive feminist, occasional politician